Get a Fair Start

Set up by the Scottish Government, Fair Start is is an employment support service designed to offer flexible, one-to-one support to help tackle barriers to entering work.

Who’s it for?

Even though you want to work, you might face issues when trying to find a job.

You could run into problems because you have:

  • A disability or additional support needs
  • A health condition
  • Caring responsibilities or are a single parent
  • Been unemployed for a long time
  • Been a care leaver
  • Been a refugee
  • A minority ethnic background
  • Convictions

Check your eligibility on the Fair Start Scotland website. And because participation is voluntary, your benefits will not be affected – even if you decide not to take part. So, there’s lots to gain and nothing to lose.

What do you get?

Sign up and you'll get up to 12 months of pre-work support from a dedicated adviser.

They’ll meet with you weekly to listen, guide and coach you to achieve your employment ambitions.

If you would like help with finding a job or building your skills, find out more via the local authority search tool at

Enter the local authority area you live in and contact your local Fair Start Scotland service provider to check your eligibility.

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