Further reading for learning and training

When looking for learning or training, it’s normal to feel confused about your options. There are so many options to choose from and things to consider.

Learning And Training

When you know what you’d like to learn, planning how you’ll tackle it will be easier

On this page, we’ve pulled together resources you might need to plan your learning approach.

Overcoming a lack of experience

You’re new to this – and it’s ok. Here are some ways to get that all-important experience for a role.

What are transferable skills?

Everyone has them – but do you know what yours are?

Identifying your skills to help get the job you want

Our skills checklist can help you identify the skills you already have or need in order to get the career you want.

Where to start researching for your career

Here are some ways you can find out about relevant careers with your new qualification.

Effective decision making

Learn how to weigh up options and make informed career decisions.

How to sell yourself in applications

Learn how to come across well to your future employers and secure that next stage interview.

Not sure if learning or training is for you?

Our Career Check could help. By answering a few questions, we can create a tailored career action plan for you. In it, you'll find articles and tools that target your broader career needs.

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