The Green Jobs Workforce Academy

The Green Jobs Workforce Academy is here to help you take a green approach to your career, your skills and job search. Packed full of information, it can help you adapt to a job that’s becoming greener.

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Ready to explore green jobs?

We’ve pulled together information to help kickstart your green career.


Learn about the qualifications and new skills you’ll need to succeed in 6 different green industries.

Jobs and courses

Explore lots of courses available to help you enhance your green skills and progress towards a greener career.

Why do we need to make jobs and skills greener?

There are many different aspects to green jobs, skills and processes, and reasons why we need to move to being a greener society.

The climate emergency all around the world is the main reason why we have to make changes in our lives. There are some important concepts we need to know about to understand green jobs better.

You'll find more information about net zero and what makes a job green on the What is the Green Jobs Workforce Academy page. You can also find information on the Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan.

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