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The Green Jobs Workforce Academy is here to help you take a green approach to your career, your skills and job search. Packed full of learning and training resources, it can help you adapt to a job that’s becoming greener.

An illustration of a man walking through a windfarm

What makes a job green? 

When thinking of green jobs, it’s common to imagine windfarms, solar power and other types of renewable energy. But, as industries become more environmentally friendly, every job has the potential to be greener.

A ‘green’ job produces goods or provides services that directly benefit the environment. It could also be a job that helps industries lower their carbon footprint.


Why does it matter?

Scotland has committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. That’s a big target!

Put simply, net zero refers to the balance between the greenhouse gas we produce, and the amount removed from the atmosphere. When we reach net zero, the amount we add is no more than the amount being taken away, and global warming stops.

By making sure you have access to green learning opportunities and jobs, you can play a role in Scotland’s journey to net zero.

Businesses will still provide the same great products and services they do now. They’ll just use greener processes, energy sources and materials to limit our impact on the environment.

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We’ve pulled together information to help kickstart your green career.


Learn about the qualifications and new skills you’ll need to succeed in 5 different green industries.

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