Google Career Certificates

Learn transferrable skills with free online training from Google.



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What you can get from Google Career Certificates

These certificated courses are for everyone and offer flexible online training.

You can access these courses for free through the DWP Scholarship Programme. 

You will:

  • learn skills for high-growth areas like IT support, e-commerce, and project management 
  • learn at your own pace with flexible courses
  • earn a certificate that is recognised by industry and employers
  • gain valuable transferrable skills

Who can apply

The DWP scholarships are open to anyone aged 24 or over who wants to:

  • upskill for their current job  
  • reskill for a new role 

How to access a Google Career Certificate course

 To sign up:

  • open the signup link
  • fill in the form and in ‘Other Partners’ choose 'Skills Development Scotland'
  • open a welcome email from DWP with instant access to learn on Coursera