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So you’ve got the interview – well done! Now you need to prepare. This page will lead you to tips, techniques and practices to help you come across your best.

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Top ten interview tips


Take your interviewing skills to the next level with our top 10 tips on how to ace your interview.

How to sell yourself in interviews

Get tips on how to make sure any interview is successful.

How to describe your achievements

Describing what you’ve achieved can be tricky and feel awkward. But don’t worry - read our tips for presenting yourself in the best possible way to potential employers, while you’re under pressure.

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Taking charge of your goals and achievements

Discover ways to manage your goals and keep track of your notable achievements.

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Skills Discovery

Having confidence in your skills can help you make your next move. Input your previous job roles and we’ll show you what transferable skills you may already have – that employers will love to see.

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Why tailoring your CV will help you get a job

Learn how to tell potential employers your best bits using our CV support.

7 Cs of communication

The seven Cs of communication is a list of principals for making sure what you write and what you say gets your point across effectively.