Advice on common challenges

If an employer treats you differently, it could be discrimination. This page aims to make you aware of when you may be being treated unfairly when applying for a job.

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Build your confidence

Follow our tips for increasing your belief in your abilities.

Your circle of support

Having a circle of support involves a group of people coming together to help support your goals and ambitions. Establish yours today.

Redundancy support

Get advice and support if you’ve been made redundant on our Redundancy Scotland page.

Get a Fair Start

Fair Start is is an employment support service designed to offer flexible, one-to-one support to help tackle barriers to entering work.

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Overcoming a lack of work experience

You might be applying for a job and feel totally new to this – and that’s ok. We’ve put together some ways to help you get that all-important work experience for a role.

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Negotiating your salary

Asking your boss for a raise – or your new employer for a higher starting salary – can be a hard conversation. Read our guide on how to prove you are the right person for a promotion or to take on new responsibilities.

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Speak to one of our advisers

Some centres are now open and able to offer face-to-face services. Please contact your local centre to confirm arrangements and make an appointment. You can also speak to a careers adviser by calling 0800 917 8000. The helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.