Helping you create the career you want

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re considering changing your career path, we have everything you need to help you take the reins and get the career progression you’re looking for.

How this section can help you

Planning, navigating and managing your career will help you find happiness and fulfilment at work - so that’s exactly what our resources are designed to help you do. 

Whether you’ve recently left full-time education, are looking to progress in your career, or follow a different direction, we have advice for you.

How to plan and manage your career

Learn about the importance of career management and how to master it.

Dealing with change at work

How to handle changes and become resilient.

Redundancy support

Get advice and support if you're at risk or been made redundant on our Redundancy Scotland page

Growing and using your network

Building great relationships that will help you throughout your career.

Identifying and using your skills

Confidently identify and talk about the skills you have.

Building confidence

Overcome any fears or doubts and approach your career with confidence.

Achieve a work-life balance

Advice on managing your work and life priorities.

Getting a Job

If your main aim is finding and applying for jobs, go here for advice and guidance that can help.

Learning and Training

If you’re considering applying for a course or searching for learning opportunities to boost your career, we have advice for you.