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Our brand new tool will help you identify what skills you have – that employers love to see.

Everyone will have a range of skills that they’ll have developed throughout our lives. They don’t only come from work. They can be from hobbies, study or other interests and can help enhance your career. 

If you know what your skills are, you can start to think about transferable skillsThese are skills that work in every type of job and that’s why they’re so important. But it isn’t always easy to know what skills we have. 

Whether you’re looking for a new job or a complete career change our Skills Discovery can help you identify your skills

Use the Skills Discovery to find where your skills could take you.

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By entering the jobs you’ve had to date – including unpaid and volunteering – Skills Discovery will show you the range of skills you have developed and will help you determine which skills to showcase when applying for jobs. 

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