How to describe your achievements well

Describing what you’ve achieved can be tricky. Our tips will help you come across your best.

What you will learn

  • How to describe your achievements
  • How to present your accomplishments and show potential employers what you can offer
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Whether you’re updating your CV or a job interview, your ability to describe your achievements well is key to your successWe tend to underplay our achievements, but this is your chance to stand out. No matter how big or small, describing your achievements can help you successfully get that job or a place in further education. 

Only achievements that really matter to you. Think about what made you feel proud at places youve worked beforeThink about when you’ve felt challenged – when we are challenged quite often this is where we find our greatest achievements. 

Here are our tips to describe your achievements well 

  • Have a think about all your jobs and out of work achievements to date and write a list of your job title, description and achievements for all of them.
  • Think about mini achievements as well: you might have delivered a big project, which is a clear achievement, but were smaller achievements also part of this? Maybe along the way you helped a colleague to improve their performance or there was a meeting where your presentation or answers excelled.
  • Links all your achievements to the job and course description e.g. if they are looking for strong leadership, show them how you have demonstrated leadership. 
  • Find past job reviews, emails or appraisals: look at the objectives you had and what your managers acknowledged you for achieving.  

It’s good to think what’s personal to you, and most of all don’t think that an achievement must be wildly impressive to others. 

Your achievements allow you to give them a sense of what you have to offer and how you can grow within the role. Catch the eye of a recruiter, by making your achievements shine in your CV and at interview stage. 

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