Identifying and using your skills

Being confident in your skills can help you take the next step – but it can be difficult to know what yours are. We can help you get started on your journey.

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Skills Discovery

Having confidence in your skills can help you make your next move. Enter your previous job roles and we'll show you some transferable skills you may have and already know about – and help you discover new ones.

Discover your skills

Knowing what your skills are will improve your employability

These articles have been chosen to help you understand the importance of knowing your skills and how to incorporate this into your life.

Key skills checklist

Do you need some help identifying your skills? Our Skills Checklist can help you.

What are transferable skills

Everyone has them – but do you know what yours are?

Effective decision making

Learn how to weigh up options and make informed career decisions.

How to sell yourself in applications

Follow our guidance to maximise your chances of getting the role in your initial application.

Short on experience?

There are lots of ways to overcome a lack of work experience. Follow our advice to get started now.