As more industries switch to low carbon models, every job has the potential to become ‘green’. Maintaining a circular economy is key to Scotland's climate strategy as workplaces vow to 'make, use remake'.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes an industry green.

Person in a skirt walking by a windmill

What is a green industry?

Every industry has the potential to be greener.

A green Industry produces goods or services that directly benefit the environment. They will also be working to create new processes that limit their impact on the environment.

We’ve identified 5 to help you get started.

How will this affect me?

You already have many skills that can be built upon. We need people like you to help us use natural resources differently and create eco-friendly solutions to our problems.

Industries are changing for the better and they want to take you with them. You have the skills – here’s how you can transfer them to a green industry.

You can read more about Scotland’s 2045 net zero target in the Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan (CESAP) report.


Industries to get you started

We’ve worked with sectors to make sure you have everything you need to start building your green career. Learn about new roles, entry routes and qualifications.

Construction and built environment

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is essential to realising the net zero target for Scotland.  


The creation of low carbon transport brings opportunities to develop new skills as part of the transition to net zero. 

Agriculture and land use

The agricultural and land use industry is the second largest source of net emissions in the UK. Discover out how green energy resources are helping.


Shifting from fossil fuels and heat for power to renewable and zero emissions energy sources will help Scotland realise its net zero goal.


Technological innovations that lower energy loss, reduce waste and improve the management of resources will help us meet net zero.