As more industries switch to low carbon models, every job has the potential to become ‘green’. Green jobs include those in renewable energy, the circular economy and the nature based sector.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes an industry green.

Person in a skirt walking by a windmill

What is a green industry?

Every industry has the potential to be greener.

A "green" industry produces goods or services that directly benefit the environment. Work in these industries focusses on creating processes to limit impact on the environment.

We’ve identified 6 to help you get started.

Introducing green skills

To minimise carbon emissions in Scotland, industries are switching to greener production processes. This may look like machinery that’s powered by renewable energy sources or switching to materials that have been recycled (or can be in the future).

How will this affect me?

Industries are changing for the better and they want to take you with them.

You already have many skills and, now, these can be built upon. Scotland needs skilled people to help us use natural resources differently and create eco-friendly solutions to our problems.

You have the skills – here’s how you can transfer them to a green industry.



Industries to get you started

All industries have the potential to be greener. As we begin our journey to net zero, Scottish Government has prioritised 6 industries. These will make a significant contribution to our net zero goal over the coming years.

The industries' type and size, as well as the number of people who work in them, mean they are important to the economy. This makes them important to net zero too.

Take a look at new roles, entry routes and qualifications.

Construction and built environment

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is essential to realising the net zero target for Scotland.  


The creation of low carbon transport brings opportunities to develop new skills as part of the transition to net zero. 


Scotland’s nature-based industries represent the second largest source of net emissions after transport - find out how green energy resources can help.


Shifting from fossil fuels and heat for power to renewable and zero emissions energy sources will help Scotland realise its net zero goal.


Technological innovations that lower energy loss, reduce waste and improve the management of resources will help us meet net zero.

Life and chemical sciences

Life and chemical sciences are areas of growth. As Scotland transitions to net-zero, the industries need a new generation of green workers.