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What are transferable skills

Everyone has them – but do you know what yours are?

Where to start researching your career

Here are some ways you can find out about relevant careers with your current qualifications.

How to sell yourself in applications

Learn how to come across well to your future employers and secure that next stage interview.

How to find a job through networking

Networking isn’t just formal – find out how different networks of people can help you get your next job. 

Effective decision making

Learn how to weigh up options and make informed career decisions.

Skills Discovery

Having confidence in your skills can help you make your next move. Enter your previous jobs and we’ll show you what transferable skills you may already have that employers would love to see.

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Looking for a job?

If you’re looking for job opportunities with an immediate start, our My World of Work job search could help you.

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If your main aim is finding and applying for jobs, go here for advice and guidance that can help.

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Conquer your career goals with practical tips, information and guidance to help you no matter what stage of your career you’re in.

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If you’re considering applying for a course or searching for learning opportunities to boost your career, we have advice for you.