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On the job experience

From shadowing to volunteering, find out how working in the job you want can be very useful.

Where to start researching your career

Here are some ways you can find out about relevant careers with your current qualifications.

Overcoming a lack of experience

You’re new to this – and it’s ok. Here are some ways to get that all-important experience for a role.

Effective decision making

Learn how to weigh up options and make informed career decisions.

Life Career Rainbow

Learn how to use the Life Career Rainbow to re-centre your personal and professional priorities.

Taking charge of your goals and achievements

Discover ways to manage your goals and keep track of your notable achievements.

Skills Discovery

Having confidence in your skills can help you make your next move. Enter your previous jobs and we’ll show you what transferable skills you may already have that employers would love to see.

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If you’re considering applying for a course or searching for learning opportunities to boost your career, we have advice for you.