Top tips for building resilience

The job market can be rough. Read our tips to keep going.

What you will learn

  • Why rejection and setbacks should not always be viewed negatively
  • Practical tips to help you become more resilient and keep moving towards your goals
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Why is resilience important?

We all need strength to overcome adversity and keep moving towards our goals. But it’s the ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t work out as planned that will keep you feeling positive during a job search.

Whatever stage of your career you’re at, finding a new or better job can be tough. We all encounter difficulties; maybe your job search is taking longer than you expected or you feel that you are constantly being rejected.

Our experiences are different and so the way we react to these situations will be different too. Feeling upset or angry after a setback is completely normal. However, when things are hard resilience is a great skill to have.

Celebrate the challenges you’ve overcome

You may not feel like a very resilient person but look back on some of your harder times and think about how you got through them. Build on your past experiences to make this time better.

What are the three biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome? Think about how you got through them. What did you learn?

Support is available

Most of us will have faced rejection at some point in life. But if you’re starting to feel disheartened, why not take a break from your search to examine why you think you might not be getting anywhere? There’s a range of support available to help you.

Are you applying for the right jobs for your skillset? Why not use our strengths tool to find out what you’re good at and the types of jobs you might be suited to.

Are you applying for the right jobs for your skillset?

If you know what you want to do but you’re not getting past the application stage have a look at our guidance on creating the perfect CV or advice and support on nailing that interview.

Become more resilient

The ability to cope well with adversity relies on an ability to pick yourself up and move on from disappointments. The good news is that anyone can learn these habits and build resilience.

Here are four simple tips for building resilience:

  1. Don’t take it personally

    This can be difficult as we tend to be overly negative towards ourselves. It’s important to remember that rejection doesn’t mean you’re not capable. But there could be any number of reasons you didn’t get that job; the employer might be looking for someone with a different skillset or found someone else more suited to this particular role. Stick with it and believe in your own abilities.

  2. Ask for feedback

    Turn each setback into a learning experience by asking the employer for some constructive feedback. Getting feedback from an interview or application arms you with knowledge and allows you to make the changes to help in your next opportunity.

  3. Review your job search

    Take another look at the job description and be honest with yourself. Do you have all the required skills? Do you have gaps in your experience, and if so are there any online courses you could do to help? Have a look at our online course search to study, learn and upskill.

  4. Move on

    This is ultimately what resilience is all about, taking a negative situation, accepting the outcome and moving on. Try not to dwell on failure. Pick yourself up and find your next opportunity.

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