Five things to consider when you're changing careers

Having the same job for life is a rare thing – if it even still exists. You’ll probably move jobs a few times, and deal with changes within your role and company. There are some things you should consider while you're planning to make a switch. As you learn new skills, you could even end up in a career or role you’d never considered. So, you're going to want to make sure you feel as ready as possible.

What you will learn

  • Five quick things you should consider before making a career change

Stuck in a rut

If you think it’s time for a change, it helps to work out why you feel that way.

Are you unhappy or bored with the job itself? Is it the company you work for that you don’t like? Is there anything you can do to change things at work? Try talking to your boss about flexible hours, or picking up a new project. Ask about career progression opportunities if that’s what’s making you unhappy.

Give yourself time to make your decision.

As well as identifying your transferable skills, these 5 things will be important factors as you make your decision. Remember, the more research you do, the more likely you are to end up in the right place.

Five things to consider when you're changing careers

  1. What's it really like?

    Changing careers can be a big culture shock. Talk to someone already working in the industry and find out what it’s like.

  2. Your skills

    A job that compliments your skills will be more enjoyable. Try the Skills Discovery to understand what transferable skills you already have that employers love to see.

  3. Training

    You might need to learn something new before you make a switch. We can help you find a course and get funding information.

  4. Salary

    Will you need to take a pay cut? Think through the effect change will have on your finances.

  5. Job outlook

    What’s the future looking like in this industry? Arranging a call with one of our careers advisers might help.

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